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Resident Evil 4?
July 1, 2008, 5:09 pm
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resident evil

Sequels! Sequels! Sequels!

This news comes from ComingSoon. Apperently there’s talks about a new Resident Evil movie in the works.

MTV caught up with Paul W.S. Anderson, who says that a fourth “Resident Evil” movie is a possibility.

“I’m just starting to talk to Sony about it,” Anderson said. “I don’t even know if anything will come of it, but there’s a possibility it might happen.”

The first three installments made a combined $379 million worldwide and performed really well on DVD.

While I surprised myself by genuinely enjoying the first two Resident Evil movies, Resident Evil 3 was nothing but a glorified rip-off of Romero’s Day of the Dead. Homages and throwbacks are great and fun, but when you have a scene that might as well be word for word from a scene in another movie, you’re a plagiarist. And not that I have anything bad to say about Mila Jovavich, but I don’t think I could handle an army of her.


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Comment by Anonymous

pls pls pls resident evil 4. dnt take 2 long

Comment by Anonymous

is there going to be another movie with alice in it with her clones

Comment by jessie

i love watch new residentevil

Comment by hadi

best of all movies

Comment by seng

most like

Comment by seng

resident evil 4 was AMAZING!

Comment by Resident Evil 6

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