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Top Ten Biggest Bad Asses Created by Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is obviously extremely well known for his directing skills. Unfortunately however, he is far too often overlooked for his phenomenal writing. Therefore, I figured I would pay tribute to that part of him, by counting down the 10 most bad ass characters he’s ever come up with.

sex machine10. Sex Machine – From Dusk Till Dawn
His character may be small and short lived, but he does carry a gun on his crotch, which in my opinion warrants his inclusion into the list. Plus, he kicks some serioius Mexican Vampire ASS!

jackie brown 9. Jackie Brown – Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown is a prime example of what Quentin Tarantino does best… resurrecting forgotten stars. Pam Grier’s career may have not exactly takin off on a second wind after this movie, but she did prove that she hadn’t lost her “foxyness,” and she has QT to thank for that oppurtunity.

mr white 8. Mr. White – Reservoir Dogs
This seasoned and experienced theif may have showed his softer side in befriending and defending Mr. Orange, but that doesn’t change the fact that he will drop any motherfucker who gets in his face.

stuntman mike 7. Stuntman Mike – Death Proof
Creepy, perverted, and built for speed! The fact that he has to total a car in order to get off only proves that this man has been around a few times. Think about it, how many different acts of sex do you think this guy has experienced in order to have to stage epic auto collisions in order to ejaculate?

butch 6. Butch Coolidge – Pulp Fiction
Anybody who has the balls to rip off the mafia and get away with it has bad ass written all over him.

mr blonde 5. Mr. Blonde – Reservoir Dogs
“Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?” ‘Nuff said.

clarence 4. Clarence – True Romance
Probably Tarantino’s most personal character to date. He’s said before that this movie is somewhat autobiographical in the sense that he put so much of himself into the Clarence character, and that shows!

wolf 3. Winston “The Wolf” Wolfe – Pulp Fiction
He’s mean, and he cleans! And he gets shit done!

BLACK MAMBA 2. Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride/Black Mamba – Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2
This list doesn’t have to be exclusive to men, case in point… The Bride.

jules 1. Jules Winnfield – Pulp Fiction
Why? Because his wallet says so… that’s why!


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1.) Butch
2.) Jules
3.)Winston Wolf
4.) Stuntman Mike

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