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December 19, 2009, 4:20 am


Rumor has it that Colin Mendenhall once defeated the Reverend Al Sharpton in a wrestling match back in 1983. Many years ago, he was a very successful meteorologist, but was banned from the profession by the National Weather Service after an unfortunate incident, that occured on air, involving a goat, a leather vest, three midgets, and LSD. Afterwards, he spent the five years turning tricks, developing life-crippling addictions, and mingling with students at various Junior High Schools across America. These days he resides in Nashville, Tennessee and plays music every once in a while.

Some say he has the wit of a tigress, others say he has the soul of a dragon, but few see him for what he really is… a narcissistic, alcoholic, manic depressive pedophile.



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dude. you made this post at exactly 420… just thought i’d point that out for ya! haha but anyways… i want lyrics to this musical genius’s songs!!!

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