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DVD This Week: 7/8/2008

Top Recommendation 

american zombie

American Zombie
Directed by Grace Lee
Written by Grace Lee & Rebecca Sonnenshine
Starring Grace Lee, John Solomon, Austin Basis, Al Vicente, Suzy Nakamura, & Jane Edith Wilson

Film: 6.5/10
DVD Package: 4/10

An extremely refreshing and unique take on the zombie sub-genre. Lee and Sonnonshine create a very interesting world and manage to poke fun at society, the living dead, and even themselves. And while they definitely took several creative liberties on the ghouls themselves, they still found a way to remain somewhat loyal to the many lessons taught to us by the films of George Romero. Unfortunately however, if you’re not a zombie fanatic (like myself), then you probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much. But still a very enjoyable mockumentary that I highly recommend to fans of the genre.

Special features are extremely lacking. There are two commentary tracks with cast and crew, but beyond that, the only interesting thing we have is a short (and I mean extremely short) behind the scenes featurette.

Other New Releases:

Superhero Movie

The Ruins


Sleepwalking (I haven’t had a chance to check this one out yet, but the cast looks phenomenal! And it’s directed by Bill Mahar! but not the one you’re thinking of.)

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DVD This Week: 7/1/08

Normally, I would have a top recommendation of this weeks new releases, but sadly, I don’t feel as though any of them warrant my humble stamp of approval. So here’s what’s new on DVD this week:

  1. City of Men
  2. Drillbit Taylor
  3. Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns
  4. Vantage Point

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DVD This Week: 6/24/2008



Written & Directed by Martin McDonagh
Starring Colin Farrel, Brendan Gleesan, and Ralph Fiennes

MOVIE: 9/10

This film is bar none my favorite film so far this year. Yes, I liked it more that Iron Man, Indy 4, Diary of the Dead, and Teeth. The special features were a little disappointing though, just a few behind the scenes interviews and a humorous little short called “F**king Bruges.”


10,000 B.C.


Charlie Bartlett

Definately, Maybe


The Spiderwick Chronicles 

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