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New Red Band Trailer for Choke
July 12, 2008, 12:20 am
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Firstshowing has a new raunchy red band trailer for Choke.

The more I see on this movie the more excited I get for it (total pun intended)! My biggest concern was that first time director Clark Gregg would hold back on the abundance of sexuality that’s in the book, but if this trailer is a good indication of what to expect, then I’m ready!


Pregnant Man Documentary in the Works
July 10, 2008, 6:26 pm
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Apparently there has been a pregnant man in the news lately, and September films has picked up the rights to his story.

I guess I live under a rock because this is the first I’ve heard of him (that’s what I get for not watching Oprah).


July 10, 2008, 2:22 am
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Today might as well be declared “Let’s do nothing but talk about Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards Day,” because that’s all I’ve been reading about today.

Latino Review (those lucky bastards), got a hold of the script and says it’s the best he’s read all year!

“If you took the bad guy swagger of RESOVOIR DOGS, the uber coolness and structure of PULP FICTION, throw in the revenge angle of KILL BILL, set it in World War II – you get INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.

Hands down, the script was the most enjoyable read of the year for me so far.  Again, a masterpiece. 

Killer dialogue, excellent execution, and master craftsmanship by Tarantino.”

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s nothing I didn’t already know! Of course it’s a masterpiece, it’s Quentin Fucking Tarantino!!!” Well there’s more, the article goes on to finally reveal the clear cut plot of what the film is actually about!

“The bastards have to take part in OPERATION KINO, go behind enemy lines and bomb a movie theater in Nazi occupied France which is premiering Goebble’s (Hitler’s right hand man) latest German propaganda war film.  A French Jewish teenager named SHOSANNA (her family is massacred by Col Landa in Chapter 1), flees to Paris, where she winds up running the movie theater that the basterds have to bomb.

Shosanna has her own plans for the German hierarchy on premiere night.”

I can tell you already. For me, waiting to see Inglorious Bastards in theatres is gonna be like waiting for Christmas times a billion!

Inglorious Bastards Set for October Shoot/Weinsteins Co-Financing


Earier I put up a post about the Weinsteins not financing Inglorious Bastards. Well now, ComingSoon is not only reporting that QT is targetting an october shoot, but that the Weinsteins are planning to CO-FINANCE the movie.

Since the production will film in Europe and is looking toward an accelerated production schedule so that it can be finished in time to submit to May’s Cannes Film Festival, the Weinsteins are looking to join forces with a major studio to come aboard to co-finance in exchange for foreign rights.

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!! Apparently, the only reason they want to join forces with another studio is so that they could get the movie done faster.


The way I see it, two major studios combining forces means bigger budget for Quentin’s disposal in order to pull off the epic that he’s going for. And if the Weinsteins are still backing him, he should still have the creative control that he needs.

On the flip side however, the bigger the budget, the bigger potential for another financial flop. And even though we all know that financial sucess isn’t the best indicator of quality, it could possibly hinder QT’s future projects, and to be frank, I don’t wanna live in a world where Quentin Tarantino isn’t making movies.

Furthermore, Nikki Finke has confirmed that Quentin is in talks with Brad Pitt to star in IB.



AFTRA Has Accepted a Deal
July 9, 2008, 4:50 pm
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I haven’t really been following the negotiations between SAG, AFTRA, or the AMPTP very closely, but it appears as though they’ve made a step in the right direction. That direction being NO ACTORS STRIKE of course.

“Despite the Screen Actors Guild’s avid campaign, members of the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists have ratified the union’s primetime deal by 62.4% — a tally strong enough to send a rebuke to SAG, but not so strong that Hollywood’s immediate future is clear-cut.”

So I guess now we’re waiting on SAG. We all know how big of a disaster the writers strike was, hopefully recent history won’t repeat itself.

read the full article here.

Hell Ride Red Band Trailer

hell ride

The folks at ComingSoon got their hands on a new red band trailer for the upcoming biker action thriller Hell Ride.

This flick’s cast oozes coolness: Madsen, Hopper, Jones, & Carradine

Check out the trailer here.

Video Interview with Bruce Campbell
July 9, 2008, 4:18 pm
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bruce campbell

Entertainment Weekly managed sit with Bruce Campbell and talk about Burn Notice, and what it would take to make another Evil Dead. Do I want another Evil Dead? NO! But it’s still really cool to hear him talk about it!!!

Check out the video here.