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July 10, 2008, 2:22 am
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Today might as well be declared “Let’s do nothing but talk about Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards Day,” because that’s all I’ve been reading about today.

Latino Review (those lucky bastards), got a hold of the script and says it’s the best he’s read all year!

“If you took the bad guy swagger of RESOVOIR DOGS, the uber coolness and structure of PULP FICTION, throw in the revenge angle of KILL BILL, set it in World War II – you get INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.

Hands down, the script was the most enjoyable read of the year for me so far.  Again, a masterpiece. 

Killer dialogue, excellent execution, and master craftsmanship by Tarantino.”

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s nothing I didn’t already know! Of course it’s a masterpiece, it’s Quentin Fucking Tarantino!!!” Well there’s more, the article goes on to finally reveal the clear cut plot of what the film is actually about!

“The bastards have to take part in OPERATION KINO, go behind enemy lines and bomb a movie theater in Nazi occupied France which is premiering Goebble’s (Hitler’s right hand man) latest German propaganda war film.  A French Jewish teenager named SHOSANNA (her family is massacred by Col Landa in Chapter 1), flees to Paris, where she winds up running the movie theater that the basterds have to bomb.

Shosanna has her own plans for the German hierarchy on premiere night.”

I can tell you already. For me, waiting to see Inglorious Bastards in theatres is gonna be like waiting for Christmas times a billion!


Weinteins NOT financing Inglorious Bastards?!?!
July 9, 2008, 4:05 pm
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Firstshowing reported yesterday that Quentin Tarantino is shopping his script for Inglorious Bastards around… but surprisingly, one of the studios he’s not looking for financing from is The Weinstein Company.

“Tarantino is shopping the script around, and surprisingly not to the The Weinstein Company, whom the auteur seems so far to have been domestically married.”

And now, questions and speculations arise. The good news is (not necassarily saying that this is bad news), Harvey Weinstein and Lawrence Bender will return once again as producers. However, working with a new studio could hinder QT’s plan of creating the greatest war epic ever made. For those who don’t know, The Weinstein Company (formally Miramax) has backed all of QT’s films to date. They have created an extremely healthy, and creative working relationship and with their past success, QT is trusted to have almost complete creative control over his craft. But will a new studio like Warner Bros or Paramount give QT the freedom he needs?

Furthermore, many are speculating that selling the script may prove to be difficult due it’s unique subject matter and the recent financial flop of Grindhouse. It’s hard to say, and only time will tell, but if the rumors about QT wanting to cast Brad Pitt are true, then studios might be more willing to take the risk.

Also, this news only makes me more skeptical about his Cannes 2009 completion promise.

Tarantino gives us a little info on INGLORIOUS BASTARDS
June 24, 2008, 10:23 pm
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BBC News has a nice little interview Quentin Tarantino where we learn a little about his upcoming two-part war epic, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS

“Tarantino, who was at an independent film festival in the US, confirmed he has now finished the screenplay for Inglorious Bastards – his long-awaited new film – and he maintains he is moving into pre-production right away

According to Tarantino no final decisions have yet been made about casting. But in the past a wide range of names from Tim Roth to Sylvester Stallone have been rumoured to be involved.

The film has been described as his version of the classic 1967 Second World War action movie The Dirty Dozen, starring Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine.

That film told the fictional story of a group of American soldiers convicted of various military crimes who were ordered to go on a suicide mission behind enemy lines to kill Nazi officers.

But Tarantino points out that the original picture was only a source of inspiration, nothing more. “

QT’s been making headlines quite a bit lately since he announced at this years Cannes Film Festival that he planned to have the film finished by this time next year, despite the fact that nobody has been casted yet. It may be a bit of a long shot, and many people seem to remain skeptical at the idea, but he certainly does seem to be determined to accomplish the feat.

Tarantino has yet to disappoint me with anything he’s done so far, and I have extremely high hopes for this film.